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About Me.

  • UX designer with over 10 years of experience in IT, who launched many features from concept to production by aligning user, business, project, and design goals. 

  • Highly skilled in identifying user pain points by conducting in-depth user interviews and observations, and actively listening to users' stories, concerns, and frustrations to understand their needs and emotions deeply. 

  • Advocate for user-centered design by improving research culture in the company.

Professional experience

Immudat, Product Designer (since March 2024)

Startup, Web3 file storage solution

  • Designed user-friendly interfaces for a seed-stage startup specializing in Web3 file storage solutions, enhancing the overall user experience and functionality of the platform.

  • Conducted remote research to identify market needs, prioritize MVP features, and perform usability testing to ensure an optimal user experience in the MVP product.

SberBank (June 2015 – July 2022)

#1 bank in Russia, 106 million clients, mobile banking with MAU 80 million users

Product owner // UX researcher (February 2019 — July 2022)

In-house tools for internal development teams

  • Launched the initial portal for teams developing customer products where they can monitor the readiness of their features: creating concepts, prototyping, analyzing user behavior, and collaborating closely with the UI designer

  • Initiated transformation of beta-testing: from rare (1-2 times per year and 150 users) to regular (every 3 weeks and 10,000 users), which helped detect hazardous crash bugs during 3 out of 15 releases in production in one year

UX designer // UX researcher (June 2015 – January 2019)

B2C, Sberbank Online Apps

  • Conducted UX research to improve old features, develop new features, and inform product strategy, resulting in increased user satisfaction, reduced load on customer support, and safer development times, which led to a 27% decrease in customer support escalations

  • Promoted the culture of UX research in non-user-centered teams by organizing meetups, education, and training programs on usability testing and user-centered design. Collaborated with teams to involve user-centered design principles in their processes

  • Designed research that met the study's objectives. Implemented new methods such as A/B and side-by-side tests into the development process, which helped make data-driven decisions

  • Built a usability laboratory within my department, enabling a better user research experience

ABBYY, UX\UI designer (August 2012 – March 2015)

Global software company for OCR, document capture, and language translation

As an Interface Designer, I focused on Windows interfaces for products such as Recognition Server 4.0, FlexiCapture 10.0/11.0, and FineReader Bank 7.0. Additionally, I was involved in a new project for web and mobile, rethinking the work with mailboxes.

  • Improved UX by creating user scenarios and informing design decisions. 

  • Utilized wireframing techniques for visualizing and iterating interface designs. Developed web and mobile interface specifications for clear design and development guidelines. 

  • Identified trends and best practices through competitor research.

  • Academic Research: Successfully defended bachelor's and master’s theses on usability testing for DataCapture products.

Co-professional leadership

  • Mentor, Alumni community for students (Moscow, Russia, 2020-2023)

  • Lecturer, student’s hackathon (Kazan, Russia, June 2017)

  • Participant, volunteer design project SpinPlaces (Moscow, Russia, March – July 2012)




Simulator for learning data-driven product management approach


British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow)

Advanced training course "Building visual communications with the user"


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 
(Top-3 technical universities in Russia)

Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics 


  • English (advanced)

  • Russian (native)
  • Hebrew (basic)
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