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Redesign login in short sprint

The app's initial registration was developed years ago but had many technical limitations. Subsequent updates were layered on these limitations, explaining everything with a lack of resources. As a result, registration became one of the most significant support issues.

Old design

Redesign goals

Minimize customer support requests related to app registration.

Main restriction

Time. We had only 3 weeks to release changes. So for research and design, we had only 2 weeks.

My role

UX researcher

UX\UI designer

Step 0.


Efficient project planning is not just important; it's vital, especially for projects with limited timeframes. It ensures optimal resource allocation, task prioritization, and clear milestones and deadlines.


The main principles were:

  • Define a straightforward project's goal

  • Simplify and streamline all related process

  • Facilitating good communication between team members

  • Give priority to tasks with long-term responses from colleagues


Step 1.


When preparing for a redesign, understanding the problems that need to be fixed is crucial. As a UX researcher, your tools are not limited to user interviews or usability tests but also encompass a vast range of data sources.

Listening to call centre
requests about mobile app

Group 75.png

Analyse fuel of click events in the app

Group 74.png

Collecting reviews on the Internet

Group 73.png

Survey of front-office employees who help customers

Main problems we found


Some people don't understand that they can enter the app only with card number

Frame 42.png


There were consultants in the front office and support who didn't know that the user doesn't need the login from the ATM anymore

Frame 45.png


ATM supports an old scenario with printing login and password 

Frame 44.png


Сaptcha which can be excluded 

Frame 42.png
Frame 1.png

Step 2.

I collaborated with developers closely to question design choices in order to cut down on development and testing durations for projects with tight deadlines.Even though we knew what to fix in the redesign, I spent two days on usability testing to ensure that it worked and that users didn't encounter new, unknown problems. 

I made 2 variants of user flow:

  • V1: Hand-creating login ID: longer but more predictable

  • V2: Automatically creating login and password: faster but a more complicated  

So, for choosing a variant, I did usability testing of a more dangerous variant, a fast variant, because there was a hypothesis: people would have a problem entering web banking after login into the app if they would get an automatically created login. Unfortunately, usability testing confirmed this hypothesis, and we chose a safe variant with a hand-created login for realisation.


Step 3.

Not only UX but CX also

To ensure a successful outcome, we redesigned the login process and also communicated new and old changes to customer support and front-office consultants. This was necessary because our research revealed that users were sometimes not provided with accurate information.

Actual support information wasn't an isolated problem but a systematic one. After this and several other projects, the release of updates for customer support and front-office consultants has been changed. 

As a result of redesign, we get


decrease in customer support escalations about registration

in the app.

* Exact value can't specified because of the NDA

Step 4.

Out of scope

After quickly launching the new UX, we spent some time making a new UI design for the launched UX. So, I worked in pairs with a super UI designer who made new UI elements for registration. We collaborated closely to ensure that the new design involved all UX decisions from the previous steps.

This design wasn't realised in full measure but served as the basis for a new project about the pre-login zone.

Redesign for changes.png

Reflecting on this project I get two things...

The interface is not the only touch point with your users

Users "touch" my work not only on their smartphones but also through other people: customer support managers, front-office consultants, social-media managers and, etc. So to build a good customer experience, I should remember about such types of "touch points" and try to collaborate with these people.

Over time results of your work can lost quality — it's OK

Design decisions always meet restrictions. And over time, these restrictions can change. So, in new circumstances, design can work amiss. It's part of the life circle. Don't be sad when you meet with your previous design for a redesign. It's an excellent chance to understand something. 

Thank you for your attention!

Feel free to contact me for any additional information:




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